Baby acne? Milk allergy?

Hi I’m just wondering. Does this look like normal baby acne or could it be something else like a milk allergy or something? Thanks x
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Baby acne. Don’t worry momma you’re doing great!! 😊

Looks like baby acne. Not sure if your able to put breast milk on it but if you can it works wonders! Xx

My son had the same at 6 weeks, the doctor said it was baby acne, my health visitor 2 weeks later said it's eczema x

Looks like baby acne to me. If it’s just on her head neck and upper chest then it’s baby acne. My daughter had the exact same for the first three weeks but just keep washing it with plain water on a cotton pad twice a day and it will clear up soon enough x

Brilliant thank you! Xxx

I have just been to the dr with my little girl and the dr said that this is normal at their age with the hormones. She said it isn’t milk allergy or anything and said that it should clear up with cream she prescribed as moisturiser I think is zeroderm x

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