Car seat and travel - help!!

So in a few weeks we need to get a taxi and a coach for a wedding and they don’t provide a car seat. My son is 22 months and I don’t want to take our current car seat as it’s isofix and has a base. Does anyone have any ideas? Am happy to buy something not too expensive!!
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You can join an FB group to ask for car seat advise. I personally use the group called - Extended Rear Facing (ERF) Car Seat Safety.

Thank you @Glynis that’s really helpful 😀

I have a Joie elevate works using a seat belt fed through the back. Has harness and does up to there out of car seats. I got it for hubbie & MIL car it slim and takes up very little space. It’s on offer in a few places cheapest £60 I think

Does anyone have any recommendations for travel car seats that are suitable for 2 year olds?

Yup in both taxi and coach it’s legal to have them on your knee in a rear seat. Depends how comfortable with it you are. If it makes you uncomfortable or it’s long distances / fast roads you could look into buying a car seat that can be strapped in rather than requiring a base x

Uk law info here -

We’ve just come back from holiday my son sat on my lap in the taxi and on the coaches. There wasn’t anywhere to even attach a car seat on the coach!

Is that legally allowed? Would a booster seat be okay? The ones I have found though say from 4+

Yeah we travelled a short distance across central London in a taxi. I just held little one (18 months at the time) on my knee and he fell asleep lol. The traffic was so bad we were going mega slowly and I felt safe the whole time. Depends how far you will be travelling and likely speeds etc and how comfortable you feel keeping him on your knee.

I know when on holidays we had our we girl on our knee in the taxis abroad with no car seats I believe the same happens with coach transfers. U can pick up some cheap car seats perhaps ur grandparents cud use after? uk law also allows children to travel in taxis without child seats depends how long the journey is what u feel comfortable with

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