BF & coffee

Do you BF mamas drink coffee? If so what time of day and do you think it affects your LO’s sleep?
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I do. I’ll have a cup in the morning and one in the afternoon. Sometimes I even have a glass of iced tea in the afternoon but baby girl sleeps great at night!

I drink one to two a day. Doesn’t affect her sleep

You have all encouraged me to make my afternoon iced latte

I do every morning haven’t noticed a difference

I have 1-3 cups a day usually around noon or two pm and none of my breastfed kids have had any abnormal sleep issues from it

I drink coffee every morning. My little sleeps fine. But hes only 3 months so he's still sleeping a lot

I drink one cup in morning and my baby girl sleeps amazing thru the night

@Lucero yes the first few weeks I was avoiding it but now it’s almost a necessity to keep me going / make through the day without a nap 🤣

I have two cups, one in the morning and usually one in the early afternoon. My son sleeps great!

I do! I try to limit it, but more than ever in my life I am relying on caffeine to keep me going 😂

@Katy I like a cup here and there and after a while I had one today so I’ll see I notice any major change

@Mic oh ok gives me hope!! I had my 1st cup in weeks this morning so I’ll see if I notice any difference my LO has horrible sleep patterns anyways 😅

I have 2 cups most mornings/ early afternoon (plus a Dr Pepper zero around dinner). My LO sleeps great!! For example he slept 9:30-6:30 last night.

I do and in the afternoon…. I’m not sure if it affects his sleep 😩 curious what other mamas have to say.

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