Baby Girl Names 🩷

My Other Half And I Are Struggling To Agree On Names For Our Baby Girl 😳 Anyone Else’s Partner Disagree With Names They Suggest?
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Men 😅♥️😂 I’m sure you will find one you both love

@Amy Same With Me. The Name I Absolutely Loved, He Didn’t Like And Said No Changing His Mind On It

I have had a baby girls name since before I even wanted children and my partner HATES it 😭😭😭 We went though loads and he hated every single one of the about 30 I liked for a girl 🤣 So I got fed up and told him to look then and he sent me a name that we both really like. Boys name was easy for us, I think because there’s a lot less names out there for boys (in my opinion) but we both found we liked very quickly for a boy x

@Jayde this is us 😂

Having the same struggle lol I don't want to worry about it for now . Mine says no to my suggestion but dnt have anyone in mind. I'm sure you will come to an agreement tho just give him time 😊

My husband and I spent hours going through baby name lists online for us to only agree on 1 name 😂 so thats what her name is going to be.

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