Not ready for Thanksgiving break🥴

After today my son will be on Thanksgiving break until Monday. Last night he left the refrigerator door open half of the night.. good thing I woke up at 2am🤦🏾‍♀️. Still gotta grocery shop and make it through work today/ tomorrow. I have reached exhaustion and it's starting to affect my health. All I want to do for Thanksgiving is catch up on sleep and do absolutely nothing this year. - signed a tired single mom
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@Angela Luckily a lot of people are off tomorrow so it will be a quiet day and I work from home. Starting the evening by ordering mexican food and laying on the couch as a start. Thank you so much!💜

@Megan Thank you so much, I appreciate you💜

Take a sick day tomorrow 💙 Get some r&r

You got this mom! Sending you lots of love and strength 💜

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