Mum guilt - bumped head

I feel like the worst mum ever as I accidentally bumped my 2 month olds head on a shelf when I was baby wearing. He was asleep and didn’t even wake because it was a pretty gentle bump but now there is a little red mark on his head and it’s slightly raised. He seems his normal self. Should I contact the GP or take him to A&E? I keep crying and feel so awful. I’m terrified I’ve caused more damaged than I can see..
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Glad you can find the funny side of it now! I hope that’s the same for me soon. My LO seems absolutely fine and has been nice and alert, and equally sleeping as normal too so hopefully he’s just fine. He is my whole world so the thought of him hurting at all (let alone because of me) is just horrendous! X

Whilst my 8 week old was asleep in the carrier, I didn't notice his head was up against one of the buttons 🫣 I moved him to see how he was doing and saw this big red mark above his eyebrows where it had been pressed up against it! I felt so bad!! But he was fine, looking back now I find it funny 😂

Thank you both! He seems totally fine in himself but will continue to monitor. I cried and he didn’t even notice! The mum guilt is real xx

I did the same with my eldest around the same age, I lost my balance as I went to stand up and knocked his head on the coffee table. Instantly cried because I felt so bad but he was absolutely fine, I'm sure your baby will be okay too. I'd just keep a close eye on him and if he seems to act any different call 111 for advice. The fact he stayed asleep is a good sign that it didn't hurt. As awful as it feels please don't worry x

I wouldn't worry, I knocked my LO's head earlier today and he didn't flinch or anything he's absolutely fine. Little accidents happen, just keep an eye on them and if their behaviour or demeanour changes then I'd maybe contact 111 xx

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