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What do you feed your LOs for breakfast? My girl used to love Weetabix and is over it now. She’s so selective now and it’s becoming a nightmare for me.
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My little boy had fruit, a little bit of cheese, a bit of dry cereal and some yogurt and then some weetabix a few hours later before his nap

Right now she’s having Crapes with strawberry jam and feta cheese(two varieties). She often has oatmeal (no sugar) with sliced strawberries and other fruit. I drizzle mixed nut butter (has all nut allergens in it) on top of things like bananas or make her a toast with it. I offer often Greek yogurt on the side and put berries and honey in it.

So I am trying to avoid processed foods/refined carbs especially at breakfast as that can really set them up for a sugar rollercoaster/more tantrums/ more fussiness. I offer eggs for breakfast in the form of crêpes, pancakes, boiled, scrambled etc.. I Combine it with a piece of fruit for some healthy carbs. And some organic nut butter and /or full fat yoghurt for healthy fats.

Shreddies, toast or pancakes are a hit with us usually. Occasionally an omelette but some days he’ll be super fussy and nothing will do apart from the fruit - luckily always seems keen for berries. Then always happy to eat my porridge but will refuse it if I put it in his bowl 🤣

My LB loves scrambled eggs so I change the recipe up 🤣, sometimes he has beans on toast , shreddies or weetabix xx

Yoghurt, cereal and fruit mainly! Maybe some nut butter on toast but he’s so fussy at the moment 🙈

My little one is starting to get fussy as of late so have been trying to have a good selection of options! I keep a range of cereals plus porridge but he seems to much prefer ready break for his porridge ( I mix his with Greek yogurt and mashed banana) I also make him waffles and pancakes but on the days I make these I’ll make a batch and freeze so it’s not so much work! Also he’s a great lover of beans, scrambled egg and avocado toast. Normally always give him a portion of fruit on the side also. Hope this helps!

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