Stroller ideas? - Only experienced parents please. (First time mum here!)

Hi all We’re interested in buying the stroller for our baby (due in March) and we’re struggling a bit on making the right decision. We live on the third floor and no lift, so this adds the easy fold and light weight criteria for our new stroller. I do like the Joie Versatrax edition, but two of my partner’s friends are betting on the Yoyo one. Although, they said that the YoYo sometimes does a little wobbly wheels trick - so basically not so sturdy. What do you think, based on your personal experience?
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We live in 2nd floor flat and have a 3 door Mini Cooper. The yo-yo has been brilliant for both! We have had it since she was newborn and is now 2.5 years old and still going strong. I’ve been able to carry my daughter and the yo-yo up the stairs as it’s so light. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as others like the icandy for example and there is little space underneath for shopping etc. But I can put it down with one hand and easily fold it. I feel confident getting on buses and the underground with it. We had the bassinet attachment with it when she was newborn which she did outgrow by about 4 months (she was 98th centile!) I feel like I would have just got the normal newborn insert rather than the bassinet if I were to go back as it folds with it. Whereas the bassinet you have to take off.

Hey Donna, I’m due in Jan 2024 so can’t talk from actual experience. My recommendation is that you actually schedule an appointment and try the strollers as it very much depends on your personal preferences and needs. Initially we considered a lightweight stroller as well, specifically the Yo-yo but were personally disappointed when trying it at John Lewis: while it is very light and easy to carry during travel,as a main stroller it seemed too narrow and small for a growing newborn and lacked back support for later stages. What threw us off was when the other day we saw a family with a Yo-yo and bags hanging on the handlebar and when the wind blew the stroller and things simply fell into the ground. So while it has its advantages you should bear in mind its flimsiness…

We’re on a 3rd floor no lift, we have a Nuna. It’s a love hate relationship! If you can afford it, I would recommend getting a big proper stroller for atleast the first year, and then getting a cheaper or second hand travel For 0-6months we could not imagine using a travel stroller like yoyo unless actually traveling. We loved having bub high up and close, loved using that car seat attachment when going out and taking cabs, it was so sturdy could easily do Hampstead walks, bus etc. we even flew with it bc we loved it so much 6m-18m we loved the toddler seat it’s really upright, encouraged good posture , loved the lay flat for naps, loved the storage to do shopping and long day trips 18m+ we hate it. Our son is a great walker but we still use it as we spend long days out. It’s heavy, difficult when we go in and out multiple times a day We tried a joie travel stroller and loved it so much as he’s barely in it these days, but unfortunately the back ripped after a few week :(


We’ve got the yoyo. My baby is now 4 and half months and I absolutely love it. We live on the second floor and I can carry it up and down the stairs with one hand while also carrying my baby. It’s lightweight so really easy to get on and off public transport with and I can carry it up and down the stairs at the underground by myself which 98% of the time I am by myself. At times the wheel does do the wobbly wheel trick but I’ve got so used to it that it doesn’t bother me anymore when it does, I just give it a slight lift and it’s back to normal We bought this for our now 4YO & have also used it for our now 9MO. They only sell it in the outlet now. But it is light & small for buses. I preferred the carry cot to the yoyo's bassinet. I used to pull it up/bounce it down 1 flight of stairs. Wobbly on rough terrain and can't hang heavy weights off handle but otherwise it's been great for us.

Does the yoyo wobble? It does. Is it the sturdiest buggy? It’s not. But it still the best option for us.

I actually bought the versatrax when my first daughter was born. I remember seeing the yoyos back then and thinking they were too flimsy, especially for a newborn. 9 months later baby was bigger (and heavier!) and we had moved to a flat without lift and without the option to leave the buggy downstairs as we used to do. So the perspective totally changed. The flimsiness now meant lightweight. The smaller basket meant less storage but also less temptation to overload the buggy that would have to be carried upstairs. Pushing the yoyo with one hand was a breeze. The straps sat much better on baby as they were thin and perfect for their little body (versatrax’s padding was too big and made difficult for baby to put arms together). I used the yoyo everyday until my child was almost 3. Then bought the bassinet for my second daughter and continued using the yoyo. I did not even consider buying a bigger, sturdier pram.

As far as I know, all the lightweight ones tend to do the wobbly wheels... :( 😞 That is why people prefer the big wheeled, sturdy ones. (Which of course in your case doesn't help)

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