Rash on cheeks

Hey everyone. My daughter has had this rash for about 2 weeks now but today it seems super dry. Its not causing her any issues such as temperature or not feeding she is acting normal. I'm curious as if this is a side effect of her oral thrush she had or if its a teething rash. I originally thought it was a teething rash but now it seems to be quite patchy and rough
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@Roshni I'll keep an eye on it thank you

@Katie no we haven't tried swimming yet

My little girl had this, if it’s dry and rough it’s probably eczema. We went to the doctors who prescribed a steroid cream which cleared it up 😃

Have you taken LO swimming recently? Could be teething or even ring worm id go to the doctors as if it is ring worm you need to get a cream.

Looks the same as my LG’s, she’s been on and off rashy since she was born but I think it’s teething/drool this time. I usually put aveeno on if I’m at home and then if going out in the cold I have a coconut balm stick that seems to work quite well. Vaseline would probs do the job

Looks like teething rash but I also find these colder weathers really dry out the baby’s face too xx

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