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I am organising a party and my MIL wants me to ask her sons first (my partners' brothers) when they are free before I organise it 🤯 Is this reasonable? It's our baby's party why do I have to ask them for everything? They live 1 hour away with not kids. So if they can't make the date we want , we have to book it when they are free. Is this normal?
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Respectfully. Fuck anyone who won't make the time to come

Nope. Never cater to anyone. It's your party on your time. They can't make it, oh well

That is not normal. It’s YOUR child’s party. Either they make it or don’t.

It's your baby's party. Pick a date that suits you! You could always do a poll on a group chat with different date options if you wanted, but you're not obligated to check dates with anyone else.

She just wants to have all her grown children at the party foremost, she is thinking of herself over you. I spent so much time and effort trying to fit in with MILs unreasonably wishes, it can take so much away from your celebration. I would say politely ignore her!

My oh family used to do gatherings on a Sunday as that’s the day he has off. Depends on how many people you need to do this for. She could always tell them to keep that weekend free.

To hell with that. If it’s important for them to be there they’ll make time for it. This is for your baby not them.

My Mil was like that in regards to my sil baby shower. She literally had a hissy fit because her cousin (who we have all met one time) was flying in the following month and my SIL wouldn't change the already set date. Here is how I see it... This is your son's party. Not a family reunion. They could all RSVP and still won't show up.

Depends if you want them to attend. If you do then I'd check with them, if you dont care then don't ask them.

nope book it for when you want! if they're free then great, if not they can move their stuff around or unfortunately might not make it

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