When does it get better?

Hi y’all! I just had my baby girl almost 7 weeks ago. I had my mom and aunt be here for the first month to help out but really took over and me and my husband only got to spend time with our daughter here and there. I appreciate the help but when they left and my husband took off for 2 weeks and that helped but afterwards I am all by myself all day with her and my two dogs. Almost every day I been crying and feel so alone and trapped and missing my old life. My mom talks to my on the phone pretty much most of the day but it’s hard for her to not be here as all my family lives in California:( the loneliness is what kills me all day.. my husband helps out when he gets home and on weekends and gives me breaks but it just feels like emotionally for me won’t get better but everyone tells it will and will get better with her with her when she gets more active here in less than a month but feels like forever from now and my mom aunt and dad will be back again for couple weeks in March but feels forever too… I’m just need someone to relate to talk to and that know I am not alone in this. It’s really hard to adjust to this new life anyone that wants to help talk and understands feel free to comment and message me
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I feel the same way :( and I have no mom friends to talk to about my feelings besides my mom and sister and 2 friends and although it helps to talk to them I want to talk to someone who has or is experiencing the same thing so I can relate and feel some comfort

You’re not alone. I felt so lonely so so lonely, I think everyone’s “better” is different. A lot of my feelings were precipitated by sleep deprivation which didn’t really improve until I stopped breastfeeding even tho little was sleeping thru the night I was pumping! Also my husband started traveling which was rough. All that to say you’re taking a huge first step asking for help and sharing your experience. ❤️❤️

Please message me I would to connect

Hey Summer! I’m in Marietta and am not sure where Sunny Brook is but would love to connect further. I’m pregnant with my second and understand what you are going through right now. My first postpartum period was very hard and I did have to get further help. In the new year, myself and someone else at my church are starting a postpartum mom support group. My church is Grace Marietta. You could totally come if you like. I really got out of the place I was in through counseling, medication, other mom’s, and with Jesus. I just want to encourage you that this is temporary and everything you are feeling is normal!

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