Platelets count

Has anyone had high platelets count after a c-section? How long did it last? Did you take any medication to lower the count down?
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@Dina yes thats a good plan. I had repeat bloods elsewell. It shouldnot be causing u dizziness. I would say seek medical advice as it shouldnot cause this to look for other causes

@Skye it’s one of the blood cells

@Saadia I don’t know how high, my gp told me to do another blood test again in 6 weeks

I had a c section and haven’t even heard of this before what is it? Xx

@Dina how high. U shouldnot feel dizzy with it

Hi Saadia, mines been high for 4 months now, and I sometimes feel dizzy. Was hoping to see if there’s any food or natural ways to decrease them 😂

Mine was high. No medication. I believe its expected.

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