Gosh, my little one he’s got a cold and he’s been teething really bad . I think he has some back teeth coming in. Last night was horrendous he was crying from teething pain but also making this gagging noise , like he wants to throw up.

When he did it was just clear water like salvia. Does anyone else’s little ones do this? Having a running nose and teething at the same time is not fun, he would fall asleep and then wake ho crying about half an hour later . One tired mum 😔
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@aisha I’ve never heard of that but thank you , will have a look!

Girl yes don’t worry you’re not alone - not sure if it was a coincidence or related that he had some cold symptoms but my baby also around the 8 9 month mark had a similar spell. He was sniffly / coughing / gagging / teary eyed / 2 back teeth coming in simultaneously and he was waking up every 5 - 10 mins crying. It lasted a about a week exactly and I unlocked a new level of EXHAUSTED I didn’t know I could be and honestly all I can say is so sorry hang in there and THIS TOO SHALL PASS 😩 🙏🏻

My son as the exact same thing, he got a cold from nursery same week he started. Today I had to take him to the gp. They prescribed some antibiotics if doesn’t get better by tomorrow. He’s trying/throwing up to get the phlegm out but he’s also with a temperature coughing he had a running nose. He looks fine for a bit then he is miserable. Only giving him carpool, rubbing vic and saline water to clean his nose.

@Tulin oh gosh thank you ❤️ yeah it’s literally been about a week I feel like a zombie 😴😵‍💫🤣

@Luana hope he feels better now 🙏🏼. The gagging is horrible isn’t it when they start doing that 🥺 My little ones cold has almost gone but he’s still teething like crazy 😫

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