What does Braxton Hicks feel like?

What does Braxton Hicks feel like? I was just walking and felt a huge cramp on my right lower belly area. First time. Almost felt like I should stop walking and sit down. Been having backaches since yesterday. Baby was super active yesterday all day, way more than normal. I’m at 32 weeks. The pain went away after a few minutes after I was able to sit down.
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Mine get really bad :') It's like the Charlie horse tightening as described above but with the actual Charlie horse. They come and go at about 20 minute intervals and last for 30ish seconds at a time for a few hours. Then they stop altogether. It's really odd for them to present that way, but I guess my body just wants me to be REALLY REALLY prepped for labor lmao, right down to having to squeeze my husband's hand

Braxton Hicks is supposed to mimic period cramps (back and/or abdominal)

Ahhh gotcha! I’ve definitely been having round ligament pain then. Thanks!

@Natalie the best way I can describe it is round ligaments pains for me are much sharper and feel like a pulled muscle where Braxton hicks creeeeeps up on you because it's your body practicing labor contractions

@Sam I’ve always wondered if that was Braxton hicks or round ligament pain … how do you tell the difference?

Agree with above comments They also can come in waves for a short time. They do that for me. Starting from top of uterus and wave down to low belly undies line. Changing positions and drinking water can help calm them down.

@Sam ok. Thats exactly how it felt like. That was my first one ever.

You know that feeling RIGHT before a Charlie horse cramp where you're like "okay. Not comfortable.." and it's tightening but not over the top painful yet? It's just like that for me but on either side of my pelvis under my bump. Mine relax to once I sit down. If I stand for too long it gets a bit more intense

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