Work stress

I haven’t even been at work a whole hour and I’m rolling up 🤣 I will not let these people stress me today! It’s all smiles and giggles from here
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@Rae it’s okay I start forgetting what they tell me if I smoke too much 🤣

Low key jealous bc I’m an accountant and the one time I tried working high I literally forgot what numbers were and had to call off sick bc I could not add anything 😂😂😂😂😂

@Anaya seriously tho I can smell when my neighbor 2 houses down lights up, it's insane! It smells so so good too

@Elli when i was pregnant, i could pick up the FAINTEST whiff wherever we were. i was like a fucking bloodhound 😭

I've been sober since being pregnant, I can almost smell this pic 😂


Sooo jealous!!

Exactly lmao… that’s proven studies that everyone should “ climb trees” the world would be a better place haha

Best part about working from home 😅

Right, I love it 🤣 especially when someone is talking crazy and I just can’t seem to get upset lmao my manager be like “ you handled that call very well” 🤣 I bet I did

This a must lol… Everyone at work think i’m so patient. 😅

🤣🤣🤣 this may be my favorite part of working from home

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