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Anyone here pregnant again after having a c section? I was told to wait 18 months but seems so long 😞 i also had a good recovery but nervous if anything was to go wrong
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I am 6months pregnant I had my son Jan 22nd of this year x

I'm pregnant again (12 weeks) and had a c section December 27th 2022 x

I’d wait, just because it’s so so stressful on your body, I got pregnant soon after and gosh it’s a whole new level of exhausting. If you have support (I don’t really, which might be a big part of the problem) you might be okay but if I’m honest I’ve struggled and I didn’t have a c section.

Not my experience but my eyebrow lady got pregnant 3 months pp and she was fine too so I would think by now if you were to start trying your body will be mostly healed and the risk gets much lower when you get to a year post partum aswell

Hopefully! We just started trying for a second and I’ve been feeling really nauseous the past couple of days (too early to test). If not already then soon. I’ve read to wait 12-18 months but no one has said anything to me and also had an easy recovery. I’m high risk as it is, history of miscarriage, and 33 so just want to get on with it

@Paige aww amazing! Congratulations x

Yes I had a section on the 5th of January and got pregnant 2 months after having my section. Due to have another one on the 5th of December. It’s been a great pregnancy no complications! X

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