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Anyone else have a spouse who doesn't share duties at night? I put my son to bed 100% of time which includes a bed time routine and then 10-30 min of nursing/hugging him to sleep (he's not sleep trained). When he wakes up during the night it's always me who has to get up and comfort him back to sleep. Sometime he sleeps really well but last night my son didn't settle until 1130 then was up again from 1-3, 4-6 and then up for the day at 730. My husband slept thru it all but he wanted to watch something on TV at 7am so he got up. The baby started crying at 730 and I thought finally he could take him since he's already up and I could get some sleep but instead he just left the baby to cry and waited for me to wake up and take care of him while he watches the show in the other room. I love taking care of my son but I'm getting burned out from poor sleep and feeling like all the night time responsibility is on me. I've asked him for more help and he just says this is what mommies have to do.
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I was but then we did sleep training so I do still put ours to bed but she’s great at sleeping and now doesn’t wake up. I used to get frustrated but I was able to control the situation and think it helped with the sleep training as well. I hope you figure out how to get more support, soon! 💙💙💙

@Viktoria oh my God the stomping!!! I've threatened to buy squeaky shoes for him in an attempt to raise his awareness around how loudly he walks.... but if he can't hear the stomping will he even notice? 😅 To be fair my partner does help a lot but night time is all me for a few months because daughter decided only mom is acceptable again after we worked really hard to set up an every other night situation with dad.

I’m in the same boat as well! I’ve done every single bedtime since the day she was born and I’m also the only one getting up at night with her … He even wants to start sleeping on the sofa as we’re ‘disturbing him’. Did I mention he also sleeps with earplugs and wakes her up with his stomping at 6.30 am when he goes to work …? I might add that I’m also working so definitely slowly getting burnt out !

This is not a job just from mothers because it takes 2 to tango if you can help me make the baby that you can help me with him it’s not that hard I hate how guys think that just because we are women it’s our job to take care and do everything when it comes to the child because they need to help as well

I’m in the same boat. I can count on one hand how many times my boyfriend has gotten up to comfort our son. Unfortunately our son ONLY wants me, so that alleviates my boyfriend’s responsibilities 🥲

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