First trimester symptoms coming back

Anyone else getting their first trimester symptoms back in third trimester? i swear it’s the exact same, i had nausea on the 6th week and only the 6th week and i’ve been feeling it again this week on and off and i’m constantly tired and unmotivated to do anything.
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I’ve not quite made it to the third trimester yet (27 weeks today) but I’ve definitely been feeling nauseous again the last few days :( not quite as bad as it was during the first trimester, but still really annoying

Yes! I get a lot of nausea. Touch wood no sickness yet, but I do bring up stomach acid when brushing my teeth on a morning which was something that I had in my first trimester 😭

Yes! I've been sick 3 times today - I'm 30 weeks 🙈

I’ve been having mild nausea

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