Has anyone been prescribed progesterone for recurrent miscarriage? If so when did you start taking it? I got heparin last time I was pregnant (my 4th loss) and when I went back for review I asked for progesterone too off my own research and got given cyclogest for when I next get pregnant.. They said to wait for a BFP before taking but a lot of stuff online indicates it would be useful to take it a few days after ovulation?
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After 3 miscarriages in a row they put me on progesterone pills from my positive test at 3 weeks until I was 12 weeks, I'm 15 weeks now and my son is still growing and healthy 💙

I took it when I did a positive pregnancy test at the hospital at 4 weeks, I took mine until 16 and have a baby boy now! Good luck x

I take progesterone for both IVF and for recurrent miscarriages, I’ve always started taking it 5 days before our embryo is transferred which is usually round day 14-16 of your cycle which would be when you’d ovulate xx

For ivf you take it from transfer

Took mine from 4 weeks pregnant (after positive test) until 16 weeks pregnant x

It only helps if you take it from your first positive test. I had 3 miscarriages in a row, got put on progesterone and am currently almost 40 weeks

Nope you take it from day of bfp. No point taking it before.

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