Postpartum Hair Loss!!!

Can anyone please recommend a treatment or vitamin that will help with my postpartum hair loss? My hair is literally falling out in clumps, thinning and is in awful condition 😢
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@Jill thank you will give that a go!

I’ve heard if you keep taking prenatals it’s supposed to help.

I am 3 months pp got conrows and my hair is shedding like crazy! Decided to order Hair food

@Seema 3 months pp for me too!

My friend has gorgeous hair and swears by seaweed vitamins from Holland and Barrett. I tried them but I had awful stomach cramps so stopped!xx

@Seema 3 months pp for me

When does this usually start?

Same! I ordered hair vitamins from Holland and Barrett. They won't stop it, but hope will help it grow back faster. 🤞

I know biotin is meant to help growth of hair and nails but not sure if it stops loss x

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