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Has anyone else had another visit from the heath visitor after the 9-12 month one, I have an appointment for my LG tomorrow I didn’t know about until I got the text reminder today. She had her 9-12 month visit a few months ago and the only ‘concern’ was she wasn’t doing the pincer grasp, they called a month or so later and she still wasn’t doing it so they said they would call again in a few months to see if she was (she started doing it the next day). I’m not sure if it’s to do with that but they said that would just be a phone call so I’m unsure why they are coming out to the house. I have a 2 year old as well and she didn’t have any extra check so I’m not sure if it’s just the norm now or what? (Sorry for the long post I’m just very confused as to why they need to come again and why this is the first I have heard about an appointment tomorrow morning)
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@Emily Oka thanks I’m assuming it’s just to do with the pincer grasp then, just don’t understand why I didn’t get a letter or anything

@Monika I have I said we’ve already had the one year review and she said I know this is just another one

We had a follow up from our 9-12momth review as well, it was just to check he was on track, by the second appointment he was doing everything that he wasn’t at the first x

I would just ring them and ask.

I know we're having a 2 year review when we get thetr because his gross motor movement eas very low l, and were still not walking unaided, x

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