Are you co sleeping?

I told myself I never would.. but the only way my daughter will sleep now is in our bed.
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I agree @Bree

Yes it’s easier she has bed refuse to sleep in it

Lately my girl has been waking up early (anywhere between 4-6am) and wanting milk, so we get cozy in the spare bed in her room, and I’ll nurse and snuggle her and we’ll both fall back asleep until 8/8:30 or so. That’s really the only cosleeping I do. I love it though 🥰

We are now 🥲 my daughter has been sleeping in her crib since birth but she’s been sleeping on our bed for about a month now because she refuses to sleep in her crib 😭

Yes! We love cosleeping.

Period lol I’m the same with my son he’ll have his own bed when he’s like5 until then he’s with me lmao

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