So hungry ALL the time

Is anyone else breastfeeding/pumping and eating EVERYTHING in sight? So far today I’ve had two pieces of toast, a yoghurt, six biscuits, a huge bowl of pasta and fruit. I am literally eating myself out of house and home 😅😅😅
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Same 😅 permanent munchies!

Yep my food shopping has doubled 😅 yesterday I had, double sausage and egg mcmuffinmeal and a flatbread, then had soup with 2 bread rolls, soreen with butter, yoghurt, crisps and dairylea dunker then had lasagne chips garlic bread, a magnum and 2 donuts.... honestly must have been pushing 4000 calories 😅😅 but I'm breastfeeding AND pumping 40oz on top and managing to be losing weight! I am hungry

GIRLLLLLL SAME!! I am a bottomless pit 😅😅😅

Oh yes!

Giiiirrlll. I STAY eating. It’s crazy. I had to research why I was so hungry and realised it’s because we lose so many calories whilst breastfeeding apparently? I dunno. I just know I’m always starving at the moment lol

Yes! I have a snack box and it literally empties as soon as it’s filled 🤣

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