Mumma to be hamper

Hey babes my friend is currently pregnant and I made her a little hamper (for just her) is there anything else I should add? Anyway to make it look a bit more appealing? I asked my partner but he has no idea lol. Also underneath everything there are 3 packs of maternity pads. (Edited as it not as clear as I thought) The hamper has Box of lindt chocolate (very back) A pamper yourself box | boobie cookies | blanket | claw clip | gua sha set Nipple balm | bar of soap (for hospital bag) | 4 face mask one eye mask | breast disc 2 candles | pack of scrunches | some mini body wash and cream (for hospital bag) 3 different size bath bombs.
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That's so sweet of you! Looks like you have quite a few things already so you don't 'need' to add anything more. If you want to though, a peri bottle would come in handy and a sweet treat like chocolate/breastfeeding cookies would also be nice I'm sure. As for making it look pretty- I like to add shredded tissue paper/full tissue paper sheets laid under the items, wrap the hamper in cellophane and use a wide satin ribbon to tie a bow

It looks great to me❤️

@Mel next to the blanket are some bookie biscuts I got from the chemist. The big shiny box at the very back is also some Lindt chocolates. I’m not sure where to find a peri bottle any idea

I got a pink peri bottle from Amazon for like $15 would be perfect to top this off. This is so cute!

Firstly this is such a lovely idea. You are an amazing friend. It looks amazing. I was fortunate enough to get something similar. The one thing that I still use to this day is a set of button down pyjamas to easiy breastfeed.

Oh great work! I didn't realise you already had those things! You can get a peri bottle cheaper online from Amazon or Ebay or in-person from the chemist or even baby bunting

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful hamper. Your a great friend! I think it looks very generous already but if you wanted to make it look prettier, you could consider getting another box of lindt or other choccies and having them scattered across the top of everything x

I just did one for a friend for postpartum care and I had a peri bottle, silverettes and a good lip balm. Though you’ve already added so much and I’m sure she will still be over the moon!

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