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Okay guys I need to vent. Little back story this is my rainbow baby. I’ve currently 34 weeks pregnant and super happy. Why on earth do woman feel the need to comment how small I am looking. Coworkers and random women feel the need to comment on how small I don’t look almost 8 months. It really makes me sad and worry that I am going to lose this baby. Any advice would be great! Thank guys! Have a good day!
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Just remember that it is your body. No body will carry baby the same. This should also help you understand how uneducated those are and that just help you ignore what they say. Don't add value to peoples comments let them say then. Alot of times those woman are projecting out of jealously. Just the uneducated part itself helps me get through alot of rude comments in or out of pregnancy. I won't take the time to educate if I know I won't be heard. I was always judged for having a small round ball looking belly. Thsts just how I carry my baby's. I also never look pregnant from thr back I don't get wide. Some woman are the opposite. It's all normal let us handle our own oven!

For some reason people just feel entitled to comment on a pregnant woman's body. I had the opposite with a large but neat bump so I didn't look pregnant from the back but as soon as I would turn round it was very obvious. My manager had a habit of comparing me to her daughter who was a few weeks ahead. Different pregnancies, different bodies. If you can, just try to push those comments out of your head. Your bump is yours and I'm sure if there were any medical concerns, they would have been identified. Completely natural with rainbows to be so on edge. Good luck.

It's not acceptable to comment on women's body's at all, pregnant or otherwise! However, with my first I was pretty late in showing and even at due date wasn't big, especially compared to others I'd seen. But I liked it. I thought it was sweet, I loved my cute little bump and loved the idea that my belly wouldn't be huge after too. I continued wearing my same PJs all through my pregnancy. I had a perfect baby born on the 50th centile. Personally I don't understand why people get upset for being told they're small. I loved the fact I was small.

I stayed very small during my entire pregnancy and had a big healthy baby. People need to stop commenting on things like this but don’t let it get to you. How big/small you look doesn’t mean anything.

I was the same kept getting your 'tiny' or 'your very neat' most people didn't even notice I was pregnant till I was 8 months with about 5/6 weeks left. Still had an 8lb baby though.

I get this CONSTANTLY!! "you are so tiny" what a tiny bump etc Uhh no this is the largest I have ever been in my life...I guess by comparison to some maybe not... I'm also on the taller side 5'7" so maybe that makes it visually look less but yeah it's annoying to hear constantly for sure 🙄 I am also 34 weeks 🥰

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