Poorly baby

We went to the doctors yesterday and I got told she was just congested her cousin who we have been with a lot has got a chest infection and I’m worried it’s more then just a cold now. She has a temperature of 37° Is it just me who constantly panics she’s got rsv
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My baby also has bronchilitis literally at the doctors 3 times then a&e - so sad seeing her poorly

My son is just recovering from a cold and his breathing was exactly like this until Saturday. We kept giving him calpol twice a day and he’s fine now, just coughing xx

@Skye yes hun he is so much better Thankyou! He had to be put on oxygen and had to have a lot of checks. He still has his cough but is a happy little boy now xx

@Jasmine bless him!! Is he okay? Xx

My son went to the doctors 4 times in one week as he sounded chesty. They finally sent us to a & e and he has bronchiolitis, this was a week last Thursday. X

Anything above 38 is classed as a temperature, babys don’t always know to cough when it’s on there chest, always look at the ribs when resting, if they are sucking in at the ribs they they are working harder to breath, but if your unsure 111 is always a good call x

@Katy glad he’s okay now yeah please could you send me a message xx

@Skye he's absolutely fine now, we just had to spend a night in hospital as his oxygen was low bless him but back to his usual self now. Trust your mother's instinct! If you take your baby in now, they will be able to monitor her and fingers crossed she doesn't get bad!! I'm always here if you want a chat, I can send you videos of how my son was breathing etc if you'd like and I can talk to you about more symptoms? I hope your baby gets better soon xxx

@Katy omh really!! Was it serious? Hope he’s okay xx

Go to A&E, my son sounded exactly the same and he had RSV and bronchiolitis! The doctor told me that it might just be from his vaccinations! 🙄🙄

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