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Since having our first, my husband has struggled. He has always battled with anxiety but since having a baby it has got so much worse. He doesn’t really see it but he is just soooo worried about little one all the time. Because of this, he now doesn’t want a second. I do. I don’t know how we are ever going to get past this. We’re so happy and our baby boy is just perfect. But I don’t think he’ll ever understand my desire for a second, not just for me but so my little boy has a sibling. Advice please? I just feel so lost.
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Can i just say, theres new research out that can suffer with a form of post parturm anxiety/depression? My anxiety was through the roof and noone could touch baby after i had my first and it was a struggle for a long time. But it did get better. Currently expecting baby no 2 but first born will 5 by the time this ones here

I’d wait a couple of months and bring it up again. If he keeps refusing, then you have to respect his wishes and be okay with only having one child.

Just enjoy your first born for a while. Maybe in a couple of months mention how it would be nice for your boy to have a sibling. But tbh, if his mental health is that bad PPA & PPD can affect dads too btw, i would give him space and focus on now. I wanted a second baby when my eldest was 6 months old 😂 there is 5.5 years between my 2 girls.... Give him time...

How old is your baby? ❤️ it might be a matter of time if he is still young? Personally I always thought I would want two, but I found the first year so hard with my first I’m not sure I could cope with a second. So I’m still struggling with that dilemma but I have kind of accepted I just probably won’t know or be able to tell or feel ready for a few years. I have come to a point where I would probably be happy either way though. I get the no sibling guilt, that’s the hardest part for me, but I would rather be mentally healthy and present for one child than constantly overwhelmed and unwell with two. I think all you can do is be patient, have gentle, honest conversations and give it a bit of time.

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