Split nights

Anyone else’s little one having split nights lately? I feel like it’s just my little guy. He has 2 naps during the day first one is around 1-2 hours. And the second one depending on how long the first one is can be between 1-1.5 hours long and his wake window is 3.5 hours before bed. So I don’t understand why he’s awake in the middle of the night for an hour or two for the past 2 nights.
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We have not slept through the night since Thanksgiving. I'm on my last nerve 😭

My little one just went through a week ir waking and wanting to play from 4am until about 6am. Nothing had changed in our schedule. I have bonidea what caused it. The last 2 nights have been much more solid though

The last week or so we've hardly slept due to teething... It's hard to get her to sleep and stay asleep

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