When did your period return?

I’m 5 and a half weeks post birth and my period came back yesterday. I’m breast feeding but also topping up with formula. I also started back on the pill last week. Anyone else start back so soon? Is it because I started the pill? I was hoping it would be a longer time period free!!
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I was 8 weeks nearly 9 weeks after birth x

I went a month-month 1/2 without a period and I ebf. Also have PCOS but my periods have always been on time and extremely heavy.

11 months

7 months pp. I ebf xx

I ebf and it came back after 8 weeks 😢

I will be 11 weeks pp on Thursday and I’ve just started bleeding today. I was waiting for my first period before I went back on the mini pill x

I was 9 months, I didn’t go on any birth control and exclusively breastfed x

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