Worst Hospital Experience

Hey guys, let me just let you guys know that if you are using Grady Memorial for L&D FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE. I love their Emory midwife team during regular visits, but their actual hospital is hell for us pregnant mommas. I was told by the triage to go in since I was having contractions and my mucus plug had already came out. I was also having abnormal discharge that made me nervous for my baby. After getting off the phone with the triage I gathered my labor partner and my bags like told to go to the hospital. I arrive around 11:30 and am told I can’t walk because I could be in labor, so they were going to have me in the wheelchair and have transport take me. I sat there for 15 minutes for the lady in transport to finally come do her job. She wasn’t busy and the nurse in the front told her to take me 4 times, but instead she rather sit and talk in the front with checkout and ignore her. That made me a little annoyed but I brushed it off. After getting to L&D that same transporter gets to the check in desk and starts having a conversation about dinner with the admin there. Ignoring the lady in the wheelchair they talk until my mom finally interrupts and tells them I need to be checked in. They finally check me in and tell me the L&D triage nurse should be with me shortly. It was NOT shortly. I was not seen for 2 hours with nobody else in the waiting room. I finally encounter the worst triage nurse of my life. She is digging in the trash for medicine to give to a patient. Takes a urine sample without giving me a wipe. Hooks me up to the monitor briefly and walks off to play monopoly go. The urine sample I have she never takes back like she told me she would. It sits with me for 5 hours on my bed when I finally get a “bed”. I was not seen for 2 more additional hours by a doctor who kept asking me could the discharge be an STI. I explained to them I’m going through a divorce and am not sexually active multiple times. I still get tested for STIs and only STIs. Results are negative for those and they do nothing else. They tell me it does look like an infection and my mucus plug is gone but do NOTHING else. I am sitting for hours again and nobody even checks on me or anything. I hear the nurses at the station playing MonopolyGO and watching TikTok’s. I asked them for updates multiple times and kept being told “they will be with you shortly”. During shift change I hear the same nurse saying she doesn’t know anything to the next nurse or what is even going on. I get so pissed because they have done nothing helpful this whole entire time and I am sitting here with an infection and my mucus plug out. I leave and decide to go to a different hospital after being there 7 hours with no treatment. Edit: what makes this worse is I had my daughter there two years ago and it was amazing then. Now though, not so much! They definitely have new nurses who do not have that bedside manner and compassion.
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@Jessica oh wow thanks for sharing that I’m going to go

I went to Emory midtown. And I waiting 2 hours to get triaged and contractions were killing me there was a lady waiting before me pregnant with twins that seemed in way worse shape than I was she was screaming in pain and vomiting in the waiting room so they finally moved her along to triage after almost an hour ....then I was triaged maybe an hour after that I had a room and I received pain meds and blood work had to be done before I could get an epidural I was definitely clinging to the bedside crying at this point for sure pain meds did not touch my contractions at all just made me feel a little drunk....but by the time I received the epidural one everything was smooth sailing from there I stayed for about 2 days I had a vaginal delivery it went very smooth that had to use a vacuum suction for his head and I was scared but he came out fine after a few pushes and no tears! So aside from the waiting room situation I will give it 5 stars 4.5 if you count the waiting room situation

@Bree girl thank you cause that’s what I’m uh do!

@Quita I am so sorry mama🥺. No mother should have to go through that.

They have been that way. My daughter died there for some of the exact negligent you all are mentioning. When I went there I was leaking amniotic fluid but place in a waiting room. No active labor. I tried to sue Grady. There is more to the story it just still be a little tough to talk about. I experienced my situation in 2014. My last two kids were born at Crawford Long. Outstanding service.

@Niya I would go anywhere but Grady babes! You better just walk into Emory when you’re in labor 🤣. They can’t turn you away

@J.S. Thank you for caring and we are fine! I went to Wellstar’s kennestone hospital and they were great and gave me medicine🫶🏽

There the best emory !

I’m going to Grady for my delivery but I really wanna go the Emory in midtown ☺️

Wow, I'm so sorry you went through that I know it was scary this is a super vulnerable time for us and to be treated like this is just SAD. Did you have a better experience at the next hospital? Are you and baby okay?

Right they need to do better and also when I was there they was saying I had to wait on a room cause all of them was full smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ how u don’t have enough rooms

@Quasha that’s so scary like you’re not even being monitored all that time

I went there the day I went in labor and I sat there dang near 6 hours before even given a room and the only reason I got a room cause my water end up breaking in the waiting room when I got there I was only 3 cm by the time I got a room I was 8cm smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ I could Have had my baby in the waiting Room

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