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Firstly I’ll apologies now to anyone reading this who might find it triggering and who isn’t getting much sleep with their babies. I can only say what worked for us, no magic or secrets. This is a post of encouragement for anyone thinking of taking the step to move baby into their own room. My LB is 5 months and 2 weeks old, we moved him into his own room 2 weeks ago and since then we’ve had 3 nights of nearly 7-7 full sleep. He’s woken up babbling around 4/5am but gotten himself back to sleep within 15/20 mins. I knew he was ready to move as he kept waking himself up flailing his arms around in his next to me. My partner works shifts and would wake him up coming to bed or getting up early. He would wake up anytime between 3-5am every night and I would change his nappy and give him a feed. I don’t actually think he wanted a feed based on other advice I’ve read. In the morning, he was never bothered about his bottle for an hour or so. I think I reacted too quickly as I was tired and wanted the sleep. Sometimes he would wake at 5am and again, due to my own tiredness I would bring him into bed with me instead of seeing if he could get himself to sleep. For 5 days we settled our little boy with his usual bedtime routine into his own room to make sure he would settle fine before bringing him into our room after his dream feed. Apart from the odd teething moment, I don’t have to rock him him to sleep, he will self soothe. Then after 5 days we put him into his own room for the full night. It’s the best decision we made. We have both bedroom doors open and the monitor on too. The first night I didn’t sleep well due to worrying but he did! We went from multiple wake ups, to just 1 to now only a short wake up within 2 weeks. We’ve ordered a new mattress for him as the one we have seems too thin and we’re still trying to time nappy changes as he has woken up with a leaked nappy. No way is it perfect but I’m such a better mum and general human too for the sleep. If you’re debating it, you know baby is ready, go for it!
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@Louise oh 😂 that’s naff! Clearly didn’t get the message 😂 I have fingers crossed it might work soon! X

Tried leaving him.. he did not fancy going back to sleep at all 😂

@Nicole yes stopped this now! Only been stopped a week. He’s still on 5 bottles a day between 6/7ozs and in the morning he now feeds no later than 30 mins of being awake instead of over an hour. He’s also on rice or a purée on an evening around an hour before his bottle before bed. Then we dream feed around 10. X

@Sophie aw fab! I’ll definitely give that a go tonight 😂🤞

Can I ask with you mentioning the feeding when waking, have you managed to stop this? Did little one just go back to sleep after you left him? X

This sounds exactly like my little one, although she's still in our room in the next to me. I have tried her into her own room and she has woken up, but adamant I want to put her in now as I'm starting to put her into bed with me when she's up in the middle of the night as its convenient, but I'm back at work next year and need to make sure she settles properly in her own room. Thanks.for posting this, it's given me hope! Xx

@Holly good luck tonight! I hope it goes well for you. And thank you ☺️. @Emma do what feels best to you. If you want to wait until the cold has gone then wait. It’s a scary thing not having them next to you and I totally get why people put it off for months. I’ve still got the next to me up just in case 😂 x

@Louise I was the exact same when my LB woke up babbling 😂. Now I just leave him to it and within 15/20 mins he’s back to sleep! If he cries I know he needs me. The time is decreasing each night too for how long he’s awake for x

We’re moving soon for this reason just need to get a mattress! With the waking up babbling, my son does this - so you just leave him be? I always find I’ll cuddle him to sleep for fear or waking people up 😂

I was going to start this at the weekend, but my LB is full of cold 😓 I think we need to just bite the bullet as he’s waking himself up 10 - 15 times a night now xx

My little girl is 5 months on Saturday and we are giving it ago tonight! She’s outgrown her next to me and wakes herself up unable to roll/ move! She napped for 1 hour 10 mins in her cot this morning so tonight is the night! Thank you for sharing your story! Gives me hope 🤞🏼🤞🏼 hope it continues for you!!

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