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Hey so I’ve just managed to get in with the dentist! I know we can get it on the nhs until babies are 1. I was wondering can you get braces on the nhs? I know that’s what I need it’s not for straightening I actually still have 2 baby teeth in the front and my adult teeth have grown on top. It doesn’t look terrible but I’m super self conscious about it. Will they sort that out or will they make me pay for it when I’m back working?
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As an adult it's unlikely to be done on the NHS as they deem it cosmetic. To get it on the NHS it has to be causing significant issues such as being unable to bite food due to teeth not meeting correctly but the waiting list is probably longer than your mat exemption anyway. I've known kids be refused them on the NHS as the issue wasn't deemed excessive enough so considered cosmetic

Thank you! It is causing some gum issues unfortunately but I’ll ask the dentist see what they say x

The mat exemption form only covers basic dental if memory serves you'd need to pay privately or pay the NHS scheme for something like that if it's not causing dental issues

Hi, depending on where you live they have different rules. They will only provide braces in certain circumstances for adults. But you’re nhs exemption usually only covers you for exams and treatment eg fillings etc

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