When do you stop using a jumperoo? I’m not sure whether I should sell it yet or keep it longer x
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Took it down this last week or so, she didn't really like being contained in it anymore preferring to be on the move, going to put it in the loft incase of baby no.2. Expecting space to be filled at Christmas 😅

I’ve listed ours for sale, I find these things hard to shift. My girl will sit in it for 5 minutes and then gets frustrated. It’s taking up space we’ll need after she’s got her bits for Christmas so trying to get rid!

Just got rid of ours, enjoying having more space in the living room

I was having this conversation earlier too. Its barely used but it’s good if I need to ‘contain’ her while I do something so not sure what to do x

@Molly Yh same it’s there taking up a lot of space lol x

We haven't really used ours for ages now to be honest but I'm the same as you, not sure whether to keep it or sell it xx

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