Hi, my little girl is 5 weeks old tomorrow and I’ve been trying to breastfeed but it seems I don’t produce enough to fill her only enough to keep her hydrated, so we have been having to formula feed alongside breastfeeding, anyways I’ve tried all the natural ways to increase my supply but none of it has worked so I’ve now been prescribed domperidone, has anyone ever used it and can tell me if it works etc? Tia x
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@Hayley yeah my health visitor, midwife and the paediatrician all told me to go to my gp to get it! Xx

How did you get prescribed domperidone? Just going to your gp? I’m having the same issue with supply

@Lili I can’t stop eating🤣 I did have a c section this time and the doctor said that the C-section can effect milk supply, the only thing I haven’t tried is the milk supplements, but I don’t feel like I’m sleeping as she’s either on my boob or I’m pumping x

Do you eat enough? After giving birth I was eating so little, then I also had to take antibiotics for 10 days and that really restricted when I could eat (as well as having baby controlling the timing to eat) and I noticed my milk supply was decreasing. I doubled the portions I ate and started pumping (even if barely anything came, it was stimulating) and putting baby on the breasts a lot more often. In a few days I started having lots of milk. I was also given the advice to after every time I breast feed do the 3-5-7 method (pumping 3 minutes from one breast, then the other 3 minutes, then go back to the first for 5 min, 5min on the second, then 7min on first and 7min on second). This worked for my friend when she was struggling her supply. Just don’t give up, but try to relax and trust your body. I hope the medication will help too

I’m currently on it, it’s definitely upped my supply and I haven’t got any other side effects… feel free to drop me a message 😊

@Gabrielle ah I have been using a tea with that in!! Just threw that in the bin haha! Yes I’ll definitely try the supplements thank you so much! X

Gotcha have you used fenugreek. If so I’d stop using that because that could make your supply go down even more. But I would try the supplements.

@Gabrielle I haven’t used the supplement no but yeah she’s constantly on the breast and when she’s not I use the pump x

I’ve heard that’s really good. I used another one and that didn’t help me. But have you tried legendairy milk supplements or pumping a lot and putting baby on breasts a lot?

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