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A Mom mentions drinking an entire bottle of wine, no one bats an eye A Mom mentions smoking a joint, everyone loses their mind Anyone else hate the taboo associated with being a Marijuana Momma?!
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@Sara yep I can still do what I need to do ♥️

😭😭 FR!!! Like if I drink I know I can’t take care of My child properly. I smoke and my god I become the best mother in the world because my neck/ shoulder injury is hurting less. I can actually function. If I lived elsewhere I would function through the day not just in the evenings

@Katie 100% agree with this! I can play without thinking of other not important things and just enjoy the moments more

Oh it drives me crazy all these wine mamas and white claw mamas don’t get a bit of judgement but you go smoke a bowl and suddenly you’re unfit to watch your child even though it literally barely affects me besides mellows my mood a bit destresses me but if I drank a couple white claws or a bottle of wine I would be actually uncomfortable being responsible for my child, in case of emergency having to drive etc !

They don’t want to admit it’s a literal medicinal product. They just say drugs and run with it lol

I'm in Canada so it's a little different but no one has given me trouble for being a mom that smokes weed.

@Sara @Zipporah Yuup - I function better…people laugh but I swear it makes me a better mother in a sense that I’m more patient when handling a situation

@Sydney @Kat agreed! I can literally grow it, do nothing to it and utilize it. No process necessary to make to ready for consumption - literally a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, anger, loss of appetite, and soo many more things!!

Agree! People act like we're stoned out of our minds unable to function or something but I mostly just feel sillier and more relaxed/calm when stoned. It'll never make sense to me the double standard. Also, alcohol is proven to be one of the most addicting and dangerous substances to withdraw from but we don't talk about that. 😒

I’ll never understand why alcohol, that literally effects you based on how quickly or not quickly your LIVER can detoxify your blood/ body from the alcohol, is okay 👍🏽, but inhaling some herbs that give off a psychoactive effect, is so taboo/ shameful👎🏽. Make it make sense, with updated data comparisons of the two, not some 1970s/80s/90s elementary school assembly, outdated, anti cannabis propaganda💀. “You don’t know what’s in that stuff”, I’m sorry, do you know what’s in your wine?? All the pesticides, sulfites, sulfates, crustacean shells, blood, bone marrow, etc, in your wine??!

I was just talking to my mom about this, I have a very active and needy baby and when my mom spends a little more than an hour with her, she’ll be like “ This baby is getting on my nerves!” And I’m like “ you see why I got to smoke sometimes??” 🤣🤣

Very much so. Also not everyone gets right ripped when they smoke. Some of us function just fine and dandy

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