Do you know if regular ultrasounds is a bad thing for baby?

Hi mamas! I had my first nhs ultrasound on Thursday 16th and everything was fine and heartbeat was amazing. I was 11w +2 days and my pregnancy has been really normal up to this point. However, two days later I felt like having some discharge and after that I light bled for less than an hour. I obviously went to early maternity unit had all exams/ swabs/ urine sample and also checked my cervix that was really closed and no abdominal pain or anything which make doctors to reassure me quite a bit. 3 days later and I still have all pregnancy symptoms and feeling well however they didn’t offer me another ultrasound because I’ve only had one 2 days before the indecent. I have some brownish discharge on and off when I wipe now but doctors said it’s normal, and good it’s not fresh blood. However I really want to have a scan even a private one to double check baby’s heartbeat and make sure my pregnancy continues as normal. They said to wait about a week and then go, do you know anything about how often you can have scans in between?? Assuming I am in need of some reassurance here… thanks xx
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There are cases where people didn't know they were pregnant but still had monthly bleeding and then had a healthy baby pop out. Your concern is completely valid especially since I imagine you can't detect any movements yet which if you could would help reassure you. I believe there aren't any dangerous levels of ultrasounds, I believe for them it would be about not wanting to set a precedent on you having another so soon and then you keep asking for constant ultrasounds which would of course take capacity and appointments from other mums. If you feel you need to go private and can afford it then go private to settle your worries. Once you start feeling baby kick then it'll help you a lot to be reassured

Same experience here as @Teeskye , altho I’d advise not relying on the Doppler and not telling them you’re using it for reassurance as they’re very against it for the reasoning of you can’t tell a healthy heartbeat from one in distress etc you just know there is one (they say it’s hard to differentiate but listen to your own heartbeat on it first and some vids of baby’s/placenta flow etc and it’s very easy to tell) of course still go in if you’re worried for any reason. I was going to say I’m surprised they didn’t check heartbeat themselves but it’s quite uncommon before 16 weeks (don’t remember the reason why tho but I remember there is one as private clinics don’t either). My little one gave me many scares and bleeds my heaviest at 18 weeks where I was convinced I’d lost her and it does get much less scary once you can feel them kicking throughout!

Was it an internal ultrasound?? Sometimes they can irritate the cervix and lead to a bit of spotting but it is in no way harmful!! I had a very heavy, red bleed at around 8 weeks that lasted a few hours but all was OK, my LB is 4 months now 💙

I’ve had numerous scans through this pregnancy & had on off bleeding & 2 very heavy bleeds. I don’t think the ultrasounds have anything to do with it, I’m 32 weeks today and baby is doing great a non stop wriggler 🫶🏽🫶🏽 if your worried always ring to get checked lovely & anything brown is usually old blood. I know when you see it’s so scary but it’s quite common in pregnancies. xxxx

@Lia wish you the best too! 💕

I had spotting, horrific cramping pain and loads of discharge at the start. Now 25+3 weeks with a healthy baby girl. Scans are usually offered no closer than 2 weeks apart by the NHS as it allows time for things to grow to be more visible. But you can have private scans between. I actually asked my midwife this morning, as my NHS scan my husband can't make it to, so im booking a private scan just before Xmas for him to see baby in 4D and it won't be two weeks and the midwife said it's fine :)

@Teeskye thanks!! Wishing you all the best with your journey x

i can’t lie he stressed me out so much before he started consistently kicking which is only recently. no brown discharge is good over bright red. i had a cervix check at 18 weeks and the lady saw it whilst checking if my cervix were open or closed, you could bleed from sexual intercourse or even lifting something heavy, anything could trigger the little bits of blood which is what happens to me.

Ultrasound are not bad. They send off soundwaves, not uv rays. Soundwaves are not dangerous to the baby. I'm high risk and I go in every week for an ultrasound for having a smaller percentile baby

@Teeskye thank you! It’s reassuring to hear other women have some bleeding and it’s not always miscarriage, they didn’t tell me the reason I bled, they said it could be cervical changes/ blood vessels or even from placenta. But they didn’t hear the heartbeat as services were not opening at night. I think if I can just wait 10 days or so and then do a private one. Supposedly I’m 12weeks today. How did u know you have cervical ectropion???

i was the exact same although i just ended up buying a doppler for at home and kept listening to reassure myself but if you really want to double check book a private early reassurance for peace of mind. i didn’t get ultrasounds when i bled they just listened in on heartbeat and checked everything. i still bleed a little bits but that’s because i have cervical ectropion.

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