Need to shift this cold

I’ve only gone and managed to pick up a shitty cold going round a week before I’m supposed to be having a photo shoot! Does anyone have any natural remedies for a sore throat or quick ways to get rid of a cold?
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Intense facial steams to help soothe and take it away from your face! I did a couple a day for a few days and it took the cough right away for me and out of my face slightly! X

There was a bad cold going round our family and I took a couple of lemsips and I take multivitamin everyday and it was gone the next day only lasted about a day. My daughter and husband where loaded with it for at least a week xo

Echinacea is amazing!! It’s a herbal remedy that you can buy from supermarkets x

Gargle salt water for the sore throat 😊 Unfortunately there’s no quick way to get rid of the cold, it takes your body a certain amount of time to create the antibodies to fight the infection and you can’t really speed up that timeline, although you can avoid prolonging it by staying hydrated and getting as much rest as you can Hope you feel better soon! 🤞

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