Does reduced movement count even if you’re below 24 weeks? I’m 22 weeks and have been feeling lots of flutters recently but it’s massively reduced the last day or two. Should I be worried or is it cos they don’t have a pattern yet? Also with a high anterior placenta. Thank you
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thanks all for your reassuring replies!❣️

Between 25-28 weeks is when you should start establishing a routine. Don’t worry xx

My midwife said they won't check before 24/25 weeks as they don't usually have a regular pattern before then x

I had reduced movements at 20 weeks and called the number on the front of my maternity book that it recommends at that many weeks and I basically went to the hospital and they listened to baby’s heart beat, if your concerned just give them a call xx

Chances are everything is fine. I remember having really quiet days where I would worry. They say even at 24 weeks baby is still finding a pattern so I’d imagine at 22 weeks it can be hit and miss. I’d say if you’re worried I’d call your midwife. I’ve seen posts where people have done this and been seen. Worth the peace of mind if anything. Hope everything is ok ☺️

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