Planned c section question

With my son I had a horrible 41 hour labor with a failed induction where he got stuck with a failed attempt to manually turn him (ow) and I had a c section at 9 cm. The epidural failed so I had to go under general. This time around I’m almost 30 weeks with gestational diabetes and a couple other probs so I’ll have to do another c section and I’m terrified. What week do you usually have a planned c??? Pic of new baby for reference
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They usually like to do them at 39 weeks if there are no pregnancy complications that would make them want to schedule earlier. I had mine at 37+5 due to pre eclampsia but my doctor would’ve liked to make it an extra week if I would’ve been fine.

39+4 - also had GD and couple of other problems/risk after my first child that was a traumatic delivery too via ventouse luckily no emergency csection that time :) this one was a planned section and was great :) would do it again if i had another child :)

Both of my c sections were scheduled for 39 weeks. My daughter was born on her scheduled date but my son was a week early due to my water breaking but we got to the hospital pretty quickly and were able to still do my c section

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