My daughter is 14 months old. And we do bath time routine. And then she’ll play for about 25-30 minutes and she’s ready for bed. And she’s normally asleep by no later than 9:30. Well she’s been waking up for a bottle and I’ve tried the whole watering milk down, but she won’t even drink the bottle and screams or cries herself almost back to sleep before getting back up again to scream. Any suggestions?
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@Amani sure

@Alexus do you mind if I DM you?

@Amani it’s different every time. 5:00 this morning she woke up and was still sleepy, but refused a bottle, paci, medicine, and baby Orajel.

how soon into her sleep is she doing it?

We do a bottle before bed. We do bottle, bath, book, bed.

Definitely could be teething or a growth spurt maybe she’s hungry ? If she’s growing or something she may suddenly be requiring more food and waking up hungry . You could try giving her a snack before bed ? Toast or something filling and see if that helps :)

Is she teething? That’s the only reason my LO will wake up screaming or cry himself back to sleep. I give him Motrin and within 20-30 minutes he is back down and sleeps through the night.

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