I'm really confused on what to do as I am 28 weeks and baby had build up a pattern and kicks were getting stronger. But since Sunday she has moved less and the kicks are very soft so I decided to ring triage and they said to come and monitor me and after that I felt a big kick but I'm not sure if go and get checked anyway or wait till tomorrow for my 28 week midwife appointment. I'm just confused as if I am just being overreacting or better to get checked anyway
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My girlie's been like this I've not been worried really as long as she's moving about even if its light , I've got my midwife appointment Thursday as I'm 28 weeks today so plan to mention it but if they have any concerns they'll book an appointment for you I'd imagine to be seen, I've heard it normal for movement to vary alot up to 30 weeks especially whilst baby is growing bigger

Definitely get checked out but I've also worked out when she moves position from breech to transverse which is often I feel less movement when transverse

I know it’s hard not to panic, I had the exact same thing. They told me that my placenta had moved from low to high which could of been the cause of softer feeling kicks. And after a few days of the soft kicks he clearly knew it was in his way and repositioned and kicks are back to normal. Never doubt how you feel, get it checked for your own reassurance! Go with the natural feelings of your own body. x

I had this last week, the best thing to do is to get checked! X

Agree with the comments, if your worried just go get checked x

Even though things are probably fine, I'd definitely recommend getting checked!

I had similar thoughts two weeks ago. We decided to wait it out and 3 days later she returned to her usual active self. I put it down to my own routine being a little different but when my midwife asked about it and I said I just thought she was affected by my routine, she told me that I should’ve gone to have her monitored regardless, because for babies all it takes is an hour and it can really alter the outcome. Definitely go get checked! Even just to settle your mind, which may also help you relax 😊

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