Christmas anxiety

Is anyone else getting anxiety around having so many people around your baby at Christmas? I just can’t stop thinking about it. They’re all family but my 4month old is not pass the parcel and so many people haven’t met her yet and I know everyone will have a hold. I’m worried I’ll upset my husbands family if I’m standoffish at Christmas about everyone holding her and I just don’t know. My FIL mentioned in light conversations the other day that she’ll be “passed around like a football” and I laughed it off but it’s triggered massive anxiety for me. What do I dooooooo I’m borderline ready to tell everyone I have to isolate with covid Lolol (knock on wood)
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My 4 month old has been passed around a lot since birth and is now incredibly social and smiles so much at other people. I was very anxious in the beginning but once I realised she is ok and not as fragile as you think I was fine. Then I found it to be a little break for myself each time. I live interstate so it has only been hubbys side. If they are mostly adults who will be holding him just trust he’s in good hands, if there are little ones or people you don’t fully trust just stay extra close.

Recommend getting a carrier put bugs in the carrier at the fams place that gives you anxiety and be like hey she is safe and comfortable on me she is staying in it and if they have an issue with it go home and say bubs is tired

They're honestly the worst the husbands family 😩well actually, everyone but the parents are wonderful. Parents don't like giving baby back

I'm so happy for my baby to be held and loved by all his family. He's met all of his family though and they're all great with him and love him and he loves them. He's 5 months

@Jaylene trigggeerreeddddddd

Maybe only go for a short time? Keep baby in the carrier and head home for nap time to follow baby's routine. Next year baby will be older and you can do Xmas then.

My partners family have been uninvited after trying to force bubs out of my arms a couple of weeks ago and telling my partner that I'm a bitch and they shouldn't have to ask permission to hold the baby because they are family and it's their right 😳

Me too! I'm going to be having her in the baby carrier to stop them grabbing her

I'm exactly the same! I'm dreading it this year. My baby will be almost 6 months then and still not comfortable. I hate my baby being passed around. Wow what a thing for your FIL to say! That comment even makes it sound bad! Definitely don't do it if you're not comfortable with it. I know it's awkward but maybe just put them in a baby carrier so they're less likely to? I'm going to try to do that.

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