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Ladies that have had previous babies, have you found the due date calculated from your previous periods was more accurate than the due date estimated from your first scan? According to my periods I’m due around the 16th December but according to my 12 week scan they’re saying 27th December. I’ve been getting a lot of symptoms lately that the midwives have said is my body preparing for labour and baby is currently measuring 6lbs. I have a feeling it’s likely to be around the 16th not the 27th. Anyone had similar experiences?
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First - I missed an extra period than I should have which would have put me as due end of March... (never knew I was pregnant until 8 weeks - their dates). Started having 'signs' beginning of April. Their due date was 20th April... had him 27th... Second - they put me due 2 weeks later than even possible based on when I got a positive... they said she was due July 1st... she was forced out a week early... I was accused of lying about my dates and all sorts 🙃 Third - lmp & us actually added up bang on! Month of stop start labour. Was forced out a week early in the end as I was too exhausted. Fourth - lmp 14th Dec. US 18th Dec. Induction is booked already for around that Time. However, I come back positive for preterm labour so realistically who knows when she's gonna come 😅 it'll be my luck I'm suffering with this stop start crap until the Induction... in which case I'll be requesting for it to be moved forwards cause I'm already exhausted and have 3 under 5... I'm not considered term yet though xx

My first was a week early, which I said all along would be the case because that’s when my period said would be due. But this time round by my last period she would be due 22/12 but scan EDD is 16/12. So who knows 😂 praying the scan due date is correct this time x

Following! Cuz same!😏 my due date by my last period should be 11/29 but it is 12/8 according to my ultrasound. But here’s the thing, there is only one chance that we even could have gotten pregnant! Hadn’t been having much sex so I’m fairly certain I know when the baby was conceived. Hopefully some folks will reply to this post!😂 (my first was born two days after her due date, which was based on my last period)

Yep! To be fair, my memories are only crystal clear with baby #1. According to my periods, she was due 24th July. According to my dating scan, she was due 17th July. My baby girl arrived 24th July!

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