Sleep consultant recommendation?

I have a baby who wakes in the middle of the night for 3 hours. I’m at the end of my tether now so I will pay to get some help. Please, has anyone used one who they can recommend?
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It all depends on the baby. For example I used to breastfeed to sleep and he will wake up many times during the night and he won’t settle unless breastfed. So I had to finish breastfeeding at least 30mins before putting him to sleep. She gave us a customised plan like 20pages and had a schedule in place, from sleeping routine to what times I should feed and so on. It was hard at the beginning to stick to the plan and it took good few days to see results. I just trusted her and I would email daily my concerns and any questions I had. It was all worth it in the end. Since September I am completely a new woman, being able to sleep and only wake up once. Our baby was sleep deprived and he would be ill and also constantly upset and crying and cranky. I am very pleased with how things turned.

@Victoria thank you. What sort of things did you do to get your baby to sleep through?

We’ve worked with Anneka. She is amazing at her job, we had so much trouble with our little boy, waking up every 2h during the night and having to rock to sleep. Now he is sleeping in his own room, independently and wakes up once during night as he is a breastfed baby. If you have any questions about the sleep consultant feel free to message me. This is her website

@em thank you / our son wakes a lot in the night! And is often awake for hours so we capped both naps to 1 hour each and noticed a little difference but he seems tired so wondering if we should change it to 45 minute morning nap and a long pm nap

@Tammy we just stumbled on it really. He woke up later than usual a couple of days one week and my fiancé and I noticed that both of those days he’d had a shorter morning nap. Since then, we’ve been doing his morning nap ‘on the go’ so usually in the car/pram/sling where he’ll wake after one sleep cycle (30-45mins), and he tends to now wake up at 7-8am which is much later than previously. It could just be coincidence of course, but I think before he was ‘making up’ for lost night time sleep by having a long morning nap, so it perpetuated the early morning wake xx

@Gemma I absolutely hate night time now, it’s like torture being kept awake when you’re so tired. I feel I could sleep for a week given the chance, I’ve forgotten what it feels like not to be tired. I will definitely let you know if I get anywhere c

I have booked in with a lady called Cher on tik tok / instagram as tiredbaby

@em sorry to jump on this post, when did you do this and when did you notice a difference?

I’m currently working through night time sleep issues. My lo is 4 months old but man is it brutal. On average I get 2-3 hours of rest a day! I’m exhausted.

Yes, it’s an American based company. 😕

@Terra Cutchall is this American? Seems to be in dollars? X

@Em honesty I’ll try anything at this point but in general, she does that anyway. However today she’s completely skipped her morning nap and has been sleeping for 2hours. God knows what I’m in store for tonight x

Obviously I don’t know your situation/schedule, but my little boy did the same until we limited his morning nap to just 30min and afternoon nap to 1.5hrs xx

Natalie Penix with sleep wise consulting. ❤️

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