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How long did you guys wait after your c section to start going back to the gym? I gave birth on the 27th of October, and I realized I haven’t lost any of my birth weight. I would like to go back to the gym but I wasn’t gonna start of with high intensity things right now, just the treadmill and stair climber .
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I waited 8 weeks before hitting the gym again but started walking around 2-3 weeks

I was told to wait 12 weeks before going back to running or anything similar. My GP said just walking until then. I’m 14 weeks pp and my scar area still gets sore if I do anything too intense. Give your body time to heal ❤️

I went back after 4 months and I’m now 7 months pp and just finished couch to 5k and back to regular work outs

Usually around 6 weeks,I do Morris dancing and was hoping to be out for 6 weeks afterwards however all didn’t go to plan during the section and I had a uterus ligament tear. I was out for 11 weeks x

6 week check up then started some stretches - now slowly working back up to twice a week

Thank you @Chloé 😊 I'll call the GP!

@Nikoleta I had to book my own check up, they only contacted me about my baby's 8 week check and jabs. Might be worth giving your gp a call.

I had my 6 week check up recently and the doctor recommended starting off really gently as you are still healing internally. She said things like yoga and walks are good for now and then slowly build up. If you go back, just make sure you listen to your body, I've been trying to go for a few long walks each week and I can still get some tenderness from some of them.

I was wondering the same thing! I was told by my midwife the GP would contact me postpartum for checks and I was going to ask them then but I have heard anything. Currently 7 weeks pp! Was also wondering what workouts are c section friendly!

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