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Hello so my lo originally had a Tommie tippie cup and never drank from it so we bought a doidy cup and help him use this , he is good with it but I’m looking for a cup that I can give him to drink from independently whenever he wants water and the doidy isn’t practical for this although I may still use for meal times
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Tum tum weighted straw cup is the best for us. The water doesn’t spill whilst he shots it about x

Tommee tippee hard spout and handles cup. Tum tum or melii Abacus straw cups. Any 360 rim cups. Straw cups without valves are recommended but for occasional/no spill use the 360 or straw with valves is fine.

We use a tum tum weighted straw cup. Took a few days for my little boy to learn how to use it but it seems to work well and he can be left with it without too much spill!

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