My God the lack of sleep

It's Killin me yall. Why can we never get any sleep?? I'm exhausted. Even her day naps have been trash.
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@Aman Its just a recent sleep regression. I'm just tired and apparently I can't complain about it without someone suggesting sleep training or milk weaning. What's weird before tiktok ppl weren't sleep training willy nilly at 4-6 months. It really was a "use in emergency" now ppl are like ok my baby had one night off I guess I'll sleep train. It's ridiculous. Lol sorry it just drives me insane

@Jade Im sorry you’re going through this. Ive been there and am there some days. If this is a recent thing with baby resisting naps and sleep it could be because of teething or a regression or even both. Hang in there and know you are doing the best that you can do. It will get better. Sleep training programs are a wonderful solution however they may not be accessible to everyone. Everyones financial situation is different and it can be costly. Another alternative is perhaps looking up methods online and see what other mommas have been doing in terms of setting up a routine and sleep training. Feel free to DM me if you need to talk. Hang in there Mammaa! You got this.

🙄 You ask for help and then make fun of those who offer advice. Sleep training is the answer for exhausted mamas.

@Jade how ruuuuuude. Lol. Im just a happy mom (you could read my profile) sharing my experience with 2 different training sleep schools. But, suit yourself! If my post helps a sleeper deprived mama, I'm happy.

Damn fam. A whole sleep trainer is in here promoting their business

Hope this helps. I really dont understand families that struggle with sleep problems and dont seek for help when there are amazing sleeping school that accompany us for a better well-being. Dont doubt it. If you need extra info and are not sure, book a call. Both of them are available for that. With batelle you have 100% money back garanteed refund no questions asked. With rested mama only refund if you have completed everthing and nothing worked

Hi mama! I totally feel you! Have you considered sleep training? There are really good one without Cry it out... and everyone is gonna feel better, you, your baby and the rest of the family. Is an investment in mental, Physical and emotional health. I have trained both of my babies and is just the best investment we have ever done. I have a 2.8 years old toddler and a 8 month old baby. I have used batelle sleep school (incredibly personalized service but a bit pricey-even though the best investment we have ever done) and for my second we used and it worked great as well. They have a great group call system (but you could be the only one in a call with the coaches, there are 4. The 2 founders are overbooked, but there are other 2 just as great as the founders). They will go with you and your babies feeding, naps and night sleeps. Literally in 3 night my baby swent from waking every 2 hours to make a 12 hours night. We kept for 1 week the dreamfeeding and now we have weaned it!

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