warning to any mamas giving birth soon

Not a poll But wanting to reach as many people as possible, lactation in the postpartum unit only had 24 mm nipple shields and that was WAY to big for my preemie. They told me he needs to learn a deep latch but his mouth barely fit around it… I ordered the 20mm ones from amazon, they’re the same length for the nipple part but not as wide and we’ve been using them ever since and he is 10 weeks now. We’re working on latching without it, but it fits way better and is the same mm as the lansinoh bottle nipples so when I have to go places and take a bottle, there’s no confusion. But my flange size is 16 so if you have tiny nipples, get the 20mm and take it to the hospital with you!!!
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I'm pretty much agreeing with you! I am confused why the midwives would say baby needs to learn to latch as wide as 24mm if you only have 16mm nipples. Baby needs to latch YOUR nipples, not anyone else's.

Thanks for sharing. I found the hospital lactation staff to be 👎 in comparison to the support I received outside of the hospital. Seems a lot of moms have a shared experience

@Ella ummm… Lactation only provides 24 mm nipple shields. They are legit huge compared to my nipple and were in fact way to big for my preemie to latch on. The point of this post was letting soon to be mamas know that they should bring smaller shields if planning to use them, if they are smaller than the 24 mm. I wear 16 mm size flanges but nipple shields only come in size 20 and 24. Therefore I have to use size 20mm because 24 is too big for my nipple. Even the 20 is a little big. I think you’re confused about something in my post and now I’m confused on what you’re getting at.

I thought nipple shield sizes were to match the size of your nipple, not baby's mouth....if you had a 24mm nipple you couldn't wear 20mm shields cause it would hurt you. I think your nipple is probably small, which is good for baby to help latch.

@Sarah I can’t imagine! I’ve used a shield up til now and still using but trying to latch without, but pumping and nursing even with them on was legit so painful for a month and half.. then I got mastitis and ugh. But after the medicine for that, nursing and pumping has been great and he also got his lip tie fixed! It’s a journey!

Wish I had this advice! My nipples got torn up in those first few days and I cried everytime she latched it was so painful

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