Who is also maaaad exhausted😵🥱

Yooo I am exhaustedddddd. I sleep whenever I can and otherwise rest and still feel tired. I take all supplements and iron and eat healthy but the 1rst trimester just hits different type of weakness. Have a 7 month old baby as well...
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I'm so knackered too and also have a 5 month old🤣🤭

I’m actually so tired lol. Have a 14 month old too 🫠😂. X

I’m 6+4, had 9 hours sleep last night, walked the dog for 30 mins at lunch and just fell asleep accidentally for an hour when I’m supposed to be working!! Glad it’s not just me 😑

I feel you. Had also around 10-11 hours sleep, then 2 hours of nap in the morning. And still. Didn't get ANYTHING DONE literally

I slept for a solid 10 hours last night and I am still too tired to do anything😂 hopefully itll get better soon

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