Is anyone experiencing issues with their teeth ? I had my second baby this August and since then I’ve been having so many dental issues. 3 cavities and a root canal and now the tooth might need to be pulled. I never had these dental issues before and it’s driving me nuts. I keep going to the dentist and having so much mouth pain. It’s making me so depressed.
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Have you checked your calcium level?it could be low calcium/low bone density.

I've heard that it is common after pregnancy. I've had a bunch of dental work done since giving birth in May also. Cavities and had to take out a wisdom tooth. I'm continuing to take the prenatal vitamins but that doesn't seem to be helping

I had my first caries during pregnancy!

They say “gain a child, lose a tooth “

@Sadia no I should get that checked thank you

I couldn't brush well during pregnancy. Gag reflex was too strong. I've had 2 cavities and have 2-3 recession spots now. I guess it is what it is. I'm back to brushing and all that but I just accept it.

Yes sensitivity and bleeding gums

I had pregnancy gum sensitivity. Now, postpartum, I try to drink several glasses of milk to keep my calcium reserves good

I suffered on every pregnancy with calcium defiency and have lost alot of teeth because of this 😩

Yes I had a root canal after my baby

@Billan was going to say this exact thing!

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